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Chain Extenders For Elastomers

Chain Extenders For Elastomers

1.Physical and chemical properties: Light yellow to amber transparent liquid, slightly soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, ketone and other polar organic solvents, with polyether, polyester polyol compatibility is good. Property Result Molecular formula C11H18N2 Structural formula Molecular weight 178.28 Melting point/ freezing point °C -9 Initial boiling point °C 308 (1013 hPa) Self-ignition temperature °C 420 (1013 hPa) Relative density g/cm3 at 25 °C 1.02 Flash point °C 135 Vapour pressure 0.000971 Pa (25°C) 0.00391 Pa (35°C) Isocyanate equivalent 89.5 Ethoxyline resin equivalent 44.3 2.Standard value: Property Result Viscosity(20°C) 280 Viscosity(25°C) 155 Diethyltoluenediamine ≥ 98% (Q/370781YXHG001-2015) 2,4-isomer 75.0 - 81.0% 2,6-isomer 18.0 - 20.0% Other alkyl amine 0.5 - 3.0% Amine value (mg KOH/g) 615 - 635 TDA Assay ≤ 0.1% Water content ≤ 0.1% 3.Uses and applications: DETDA is a very effective polyurethane elastomer chain expansion agent, especially for the RIM (reaction injection molding) and SPUA (spray polyurea elastomer); also can be used as polyurethane elastomer and epoxy resin aromatic diamine curing agent, used for casting, coating, RIM and adhesive, but also is a polyurethane and polyurea elastomer chain extension agent. DETDA is a type of aromatic diamine, ethyl and methyl groups, which makes the activity of is much lower than that of TDA. The reaction rate with polyurethane prepolymer several times faster than DMTDA, about 30 times faster than MOCA. Mainly used in RIM polyurethane system and spray polyurethane (polyurea) elastomer coating system, with a fast reaction rate, short release time, high initial strength, product resistance to hydrolysis, heat and so on. In addition to the product can also be used as elastomer, lubricants and industrial oil antioxidant, and chemical intermediates. 4.Packaging and transport: Packaging for 1000KG/IBC barrels, 200kg drums or ISOTANK, the special packaging in accordance with the requirements of customers. 5.Storage: Stacked in a cool/ dry/ ventilated place, keep away from heat/ fire, to prevent the direct sunlight, to avoid high temperature, do not sharp object collision damage.

Product Details

English nameDiethyltoluenediamine(DETDA)

Nick nameDiethyl Methyl Benzene Diamine

CAS NO68479-98-1

EINECS NO270-877-4

UN NO3082

Transport hazard class (es)9

Packing group, if applicableIII

Similar products: U.S AIbemarle (Ethacure 100), Swiss Lonza group (DETDA 80), Germany Nitroil (ADA L80 PCAmine)

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