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Dimethyl Thiotoluene Diamine(curing Crosslinking Agent)

Dimethyl Thiotoluene Diamine(curing Crosslinking Agent)

DMTDA is new-model polyurethane elastomer curing cross-linking agent, which has two kinds of isomers, mixture of 2,4-and 2,6-DMTDA(proportion is about 77-80/17-20), compared with the common MOCA, it is low-viscosity liquid at normal temperature, it has features such as low temperature operation and low dosage, etc.

Product Details

Dimethyl Thiotoluene Diamine(Curing Crosslinking Agent)

Product Description

    DMTDA is a new type of polyurethane elastomer curing crosslinking agent,equivalent to Ethancure-300.Mainly includes two kinds of isomers,2,4-siomerand 2,6-isomer(The ratio is about 77~80%/17~20%),compared with MOCA,it is low viscosity liquid under normal temperature,can be used in low temperature.


Quick Details

  • Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent

  • Type:curing cross-linking agent

  • CAS No.:106264-79-3

  • Other Names:E300

  • MF:C9H14N2S2

  • Molecular formula:C9H14N2S2

  • Molecular weight:214.34

  • Appearance:Light yellow liquid

  • Relative density g/cm3 at 25℃:1.206

  • Viscosity(20℃):690

  • Main Content:≥99%

  • Water content:≤0.1%

  • Amine value(mg KOH/g):515-535

Packing And Transport

1000KG/IBC barrels,200kg drums


 Company Information

    Dongying Aonuo International Trade Co., Ltd.(Aonuo International) is the most professional pure polyurea supplier both in China and Asia Pacific. It relies on the R&D Center of Pure Polyurea in China, practical experience in polyurea for more than 20 years and professional in the polyurea both technology and application.

    Aonuo International has developed the unique HTSPUA series pure polyurea products to different applications. We has achieved lots of pure polyurea classical projects in China, such as Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway,Daqing Oilfield,Wanhua industrial park,Pingding Mountain Luyang power plant,Jining Yangcheng coal mine as so on.It will serve the industry with leading technology and proven quality.




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