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Advantages of PU foam Insulation Material

- Dec 28, 2018 -
  1. Unique heat insulation performance, high energy saving efficiency and environmental protection.

  2. Light weight and reduced load;  It has excellent waterproof performance and combines heat preservation and waterproof.

  3. Simple design, high efficiency, fast progress, good quality and long service life.

  4. No fluorine foaming, wide adaptability to environment.

  5. Adhesion: Strong adhesion, can be firmly adhered to concrete, masonry, wood, steel, asphalt, rubber and other surfaces.

  6. Thermal conductivity: 0.017 - 0.022 w / m k, lower than rock wool, glass wool, polystyrene board, extruded board and other building thermal insulation materials.

  7. Hydrophobic property: Hydrophobic rate over 95 %.

  8. Sealing performance: no cavity, no seam, completely wrapping the building's outer protective structure, effectively preventing wind and moisture from flowing in and out of the building through the gap, and realizing complete sealing.

  9. Dimensional Stability: dimensional stability is less than 1 %, has certain elastic deformation ability, and elongation is greater than 5 %.

  10. Constant performance: Polyurethane is an inert material that does not react with acids and alkalis and is not a food source for insects and rodents, which can keep the material properties and heat preservation performance constant.

  11. Wind resistance: compressive strength > 300Kpa, tensile strength > 400Kpa, with strong wind resistance, and its foaming can be drilled into the cracks of the wall to increase its shear resistance.

  12. Good flame retardancy: 3S self-extinguishing from fire, surface carbonization can prevent combustion, and no molten drops will be generated.

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