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An analysis of the development trend of polyurea production

- May 19, 2018 -

    Since 2005, the polyurea spray machine has been affected by market factors, and frequent problems such as unsmooth export and overcapacity have emerged. However, with the introduction of the adjustment policy of the market economy, the industrial structure of the spraying machine industry, the expansion of domestic demand, the strengthening of the construction of export channels, and the mitigation of the upstream dredging downstream. Finally, the whole spraying machine industry has been improved from the beginning of 2010.     

    Since 2011, the domestic polyurea spray machine industry market has basically maintained a steady growth trend, and the development of the general direction is still optimistic. Now, spraying machine raw materials and spraying machine equipment production industry through internal independent research and development technology and foreign introduction and other measures, in the field of technology have been constantly innovating, and the ability to innovate constantly. It is a matter of time to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading, improve the quality of products steadily, expand the scale of the industry and the trend of replacing other spraying machines with polyurea spray machine.



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