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Application of water park polyurea waterproof coating

- May 16, 2018 -

    Water park polyurea waterproof coating has excellent comprehensive physical properties and stable corrosion resistance. It is an ideal material for waterproofing and protection of large national water conservancy projects. It has been widely used in waterproof and anticorrosion functions of water park and swimming pool in Europe, America, Australia and East Asia, and the effect is ideal.

    The swimming pool of the water park has abandoned the traditional tiles or the painting of the traditional waterproofing paint two techniques, but a new functional polyurea coating with a new functional title called universal paint. Waterborne paradise polyurea waterproofing coating is the third generation polyurea elastomer developed recently, and its performance fully meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T23446-2009. The product is constructed by the special spraying equipment of GRACO company of United States. The coating is quickly solidified to form a flexible waterproof coating with high strength, high elongation and no joint.

    So what are the advantages of the polyurea paint?

1. Polyurea waterproofing coating is full of decorative, waterproof and anticorrosive (resistance to sodium hypochlorite) integrated design.

2, excellent weather resistance, so that the coating will not change color, powder and crack.

3, good adhesion, long term no bubble, no drop, no empty drum.

4. Polyurea waterproof coating is a kind of high strength elastic waterproof material, which has high efficiency waterproof, anti-skid and walking comfort.

5, excellent film strength (tensile strength 23MPA), so that it has very prominent wear resistance and impact resistance.

6, the super elasticity (510% breaking elongation) can effectively prevent the corrosion of the base material and the cold anticorrosion performance, effectively obstruct the corrosion of the chemical medium to the film, especially the corrosion resistance to sodium hypochlorite.

7. It also has the advantages of easy repainting or repair, no special treatment, one-time coating thickness, etc.


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