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Basic composition of lubricating grease

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Grease is mainly composed of thickener, base oil and additive. The content of thickener in general lubricating grease is about 10%-20%, the base oil content is about 75%-90%, and the content of additive and filler is below 5%. 1. Base oil: The base oil is the dispersed medium in the lubricating grease dispersing system, which has a great influence on the performance of lubricating Grease. The general grease uses the medium viscosity and the high viscosity petroleum lubricating oil as the base oil, also has some to adapt under the harsh condition work the mechanical lubrication and the seal need, uses the synthetic gully lubricating oil as the base oil, for example ester oil, silicone oil, gathers weeps-alkene oil and so on. 2. Thickener: Thickener is an important component of lubricating grease, the thickener is dispersed in the base oil and forms the structure skeleton of the lubricating grease, so that the base oil is adsorbed and fixed in the structure skeleton. The water resistance and heat resistance of lubricating greases are mainly determined by thickeners. There are two main types of thickeners used to prepare lubricating greases. Soap base thickeners (i.e. fatty acid metal salts) and non-soap base thickeners (hydrocarbons, inorganic and organic). 3. Additives and fillers: one kind of additive is the grease, called the gum solvent, it makes the oil soap union more stable? such as glycerol and water. Calcium base Grease Once the loss of water, its structure is completely destroyed, can not be fat, such as glycerin in the sodium base grease can adjust the consistency of fat.

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