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chain extender manufacturer from China

- Dec 06, 2018 -

our company is a collection of scientific research and development, production and marketing into a modern high-tech enterprises,is specialised in manufacturing polyurethane elastomer chain extender(curing crosslinking agents).

产品描述-公司 生产

Based on scientific research strength of Qingdao Technological University,South China University of Technology and Shanxi Research Institute of Elastomer,we can manufacture dimethylthio toluene diamine(DMTDA) and diethyl toluene diamine(DETDA),which can be widely used in spraying polyurea, polyurethane elastomer,RIM(reaction injection molding),SPUA(Spray polyurea elastomer),epoxy resin and adhesives.Our annual output of DMTDA is 1000 tons,DETDA is 3000 tons


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