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Check of abnormal display of liquid flow pressure gage

- Oct 19, 2018 -

Overhauling should be started from the first step one by one sequentially, determined by the pressure displayed by the raw material pressure gage. As there is difference in the raw materials, temperature and viscosity, it is not necessary to be equal in the numerical value (material pressure) of air pressure and gage.

Step1: determine what kind of raw materials are void of or lost.

The raw material pressure displayed by the raw material pressure gage at the side of lacking material is quite low. This phenomenon indicates the inadequacy in supply of material between the pressure gage and material supply system. It is necessary to check whether the phenomenon of obstruction or that the raw material basket is void of material occurs to the material supply system

Step2: determine whether the raw material output pipe is obstructed.

For the phenomenon of obstruction occurs to the raw material pressure gage and spray gun, the pressure displayed by the raw material pressure gage is greater than the normal value.

Step3: in case of discovery of insufficient supply of material at the side of lacking material, it is necessary to begin overhaul the one end farthest away from the host machine from the most fundamental and palpable aspects. As for the one end the with the pressure displayed by raw material pressure gage greater than the normal value, it is necessary to check from the spray gun to the raw material outlet end of heater.

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