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Connection between the feed extraction pump and proportioning pump

- Oct 20, 2018 -

After opening the cover of the charging basket and insert the feed extraction pump into the charging basket slowly. Insert the feed extraction pump with red label into the back charging basket and the one with blue label into the white charging basket. It is an imperative to wipe the feed extraction pump before inserting it into the charging basket. The impurities should not be brought into the feed liquid. Connect the one end of low-pressure feed delivery pipe with the discharge hole of feed extraction pump with the other one connected with the feeding hole of proportioning pump.

A. When the temperature of white feed exceeds 24℃ and during its transportation, the drastic oscillation of liquid will result into intense expansion. If the cover of the raw material basket rapidly, the raw material will be ejected from the basket. Therefore, when opening the cover of basket, it is necessary to loosen the cover of basket slowly. At this time, the gas will overflow from the gap of cover of basket and send out the sound of nose. Screw off the cover of basket after the gas is let out completely in order to the ejecting of raw material leads harm to the personnel.

B. Storage of raw material: in winter, the environmental temperature shall be at 15~20℃, in the ventilated and dry place; in summer, in the cool and dry place, can not be shined directly in the sun, otherwise the basket of white feed might be exploded in the sun.

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