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Current situation and trend of the development of polyurea floor

- May 04, 2018 -

   The spray elastomer technology in China has undergone a tortuous development process. In 1990s, the research and development of the technology of sprayed polyurethane elastomer was developed by the G31 spraying machine of Bayer company of the Shanxi Chemical Research Institute. However, because of the immature technology and market, it has not been applied in a large scale.

   With the development of China polyurea technology, more and more construction units of polyurea materials production enterprises, sales manufacturers and polyurea materials are used, and some of the polyurea raw materials are domestically made. At present, polyurea is mainly used in the protection and decoration of sports venues, the resistance and wear resistance of water conservancy projects, the corrosion resistance of the power plant, and the protection of the super long life of the high speed railway subgrade.

   The essence of the polyurea flooring is an applied technology, and its vitality comes from the extensive and successful application in various fields of our economy. Polyurea technology combines the excellent performance of polyurea with the construction technology of rapid spraying and site curing. Its advantages in engineering application are unparalleled. Of course, in the actual application process, some of the almost fatal defects of polyurea also exposed, which greatly affected the development of polyurea technology. If we can solve various problems of polyurea from polyurea formula design or matching materials, we will greatly consolidate and promote the market application of polyurea.

   Polyurea is a system engineering. The quality of its project is not only related to the performance of polyurea itself, but also depends on various factors in the construction process. With the emergence of new raw materials and new equipment, a green protective coating will be used more and more in basic construction and people's life. Under the close cooperation and efforts of scientific research, design and construction, our country's polyurea technology can develop better and faster.


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