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Daily Maintenance of Polyurea Spray Machine DF-20/35A

- Oct 12, 2018 -

1. Check the quantity and color of lubrication grease in oil cup of proportioning pump; replace the severely discolored and invalid lubrication grease to avoid destroying sealing elements. Pour out the discolored and invalid lubrication grease and clean up the container and then pour the pure and clean lubrication grease into 2/3 cup.(Notes: In the case that the lubrication grease in the oil cup of pump body is discolored quickly, it is necessary to replace the sealing elements inside the pump.)

2. Spray a layer of grease evenly on the white feed pump rod. At this time, only the white feed pump rod is exposed outside.

3. According to the spray gun check step in the daily shutdown step, finish checking and maintaining the spray gun.(Notes: before repairing and maintaining the equipment system, it is an imperative to discharge all air pressure.)

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