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Guide to the use of grease

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Grease can be substituted for the type of product: Lithium base grease, calcium base grease, aluminum base grease, composite lithium base grease, composite aluminum base grease, high-temperature grease, low-temperature grease axle bearing grease, multi-function grease, electric motorcycle grease, insulating grease, bearing grease, O-ring grease. The use of super lube high temperature extreme pressure grease instead of super lube multifunctional synthetic grease is recommended under the following conditions: Working temperature is higher, when the working temperature is more than 260 degrees, the base oil will evaporate most of the time, can not form enough lubricant film strength, then need to use some solid additives such as lead, aluminum, copper and molybdenum. The main application environment: High-temperature furnace, automatic welding equipment and pure oxygen environment. Although Super lube is hard to burn. But the pure oxygen environment will accelerate its oxidation. If super Lube multifunctional synthetic grease is used in pure oxygen environment, it will spontaneously combust. This situation such as: oxidation welding equipment, medical equipment, diving and navigation respiratory system, and so on, please use our high-temperature extreme pressure grease.

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