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How to treat the floor before spraying polyurea

- Aug 23, 2017 -

Polyurea coating (polyureacoatings) using a one-time coating process, no matter how much area there is no link seam, but also has a dust-free material polyurea coating, with strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, hardness and other characteristics

First, use the angle grinder, high pressure water gun or vacuum cleaner and other tools to clean up the surface of the dust, scum. Apply the cleaning tool to clean the leveling layer and thoroughly remove the cement ash, grease and other foreign matter on the cement surface.


The elastomer should be sprayed on a dry leveling layer and the adjusted cement floor should be naturally dried to below 8% moisture before construction. Until the water reaches the standard range, with the plug material on the surface of the substrate holes, defects repair, leveling, fixed with electric grinding wheel after grinding. The low-lying part is filled with cement putty with 10% cement cement mortar or vinyl acetate emulsion. If the grass-roots surface leveling operations, should be completely check the release of the surface of the phenomenon, the base surface peeling or protruding mortar and other loose particles should be special treatment.

Concrete on the surface of the cement floating foam, release agent and curing agent to be used steel brush, chisel hammer, sandblasting and other methods to remove. Grinding the convex and concave parts and cracks with the grinding wheel, the crack surface of the base layer should be filled or trimmed with the sewing agent. The maximum and minimum height of the construction surface should not exceed 2 mm. For the angle of the corner, the edge of the edge of the smooth grinding smooth transition.

Clean the leveling layer according to the prescribed cleaning method. In the conditional place, the application of high-pressure hair dryer will find leveling the surface of the dust blowing, or with a mop to drag the dust, cotton yarn can also be a little bit of dust to wipe. There is no dust on the surface of the leveling layer to be important for the quality of the sprayed elastomer.

Concrete base surface selection of room temperature hardening agent single component permeable primer, and with a brush, roller brush or spray method for smear.

The role of the primer is to cut off the leveling layer of moisture upwards to prevent the spray of elastomer layer from the drum off, the leveling layer surface to further strengthen and improve the elastic layer and the base layer of bonding strength, to prevent the elastic body defects such as eye pores.

The coating of the elastic layer was carried out within 12-48 hours after the construction of the closed primer. If the interval is more than 48 hours, a closed primer should be re-constructed one day before spraying the elastic layer and then the elastic layer is applied.

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