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Initial start of Polyurea Spray Machine

- Oct 23, 2018 -

When confirming all liquid flow pipes, air source pipes and power lines have been connected and there are no errors, then operating system can be started. At this time, the operator should fully understand the functions of every part of the control panel. The steps are as follows:

Step1. Filling system

Respectively insert the feed extraction pumps into the corresponding raw material baskets, that is, inserting the one with red label into the black feed (A feed) basket and the one with blue label into the white feed (B feed) basket, then open the air sources leading to the host machine. At this time, the work feed extraction pumps will work, inputting the raw material into the booster pump of the host machine, primary heater and inside the heat preservation pipe.

Step2. Place one clean container under the feed delivery block, slowly open one raw material valve on the feed delivery block, let out the atmosphere in the feed delivery pipe until the raw material is sprayed out stably, then replace for another.

Step3. After air exhausting, turn off two raw material valves (only use feed extraction pump to exhaust air). The raw material pressure values displayed by the raw material pressure shall be approximately qual. In the event that one at one side is higher, then the slightly open the raw material valve of the feed delivery block at the higher side to let the raw material flow out until the pressure at the two sides is approximately equal.

Notes: the pressure value at this time is very low

Step4. Rationally and safely deal with the waste

Step5. Wipe off the residual raw material on the feed delivery block and coat the lubricating grease and install the feed delivery block on the gun body and tighten the feed delivery block to fasten the screw so that the feed delivery block contacts the gun body closely and there is no phenomenon of feed leakage.

Step6. Straighten the feed delivery pipe to avoid uneven heating and cause damages to internal heating wire. Respectively place the heating power switches of black and white feed and pipe on the ON position and set the heating temperature. After temperature reaches the set value, rotate and loosen the regulating value under the electric cabinet anticlockwise, then the switch of hydraulic oil pump of the host machine can be turned on.

Notes: for the combined polyhydric alcohols will be expanded when heated, the hydraulic pressure value of the host machine should not be set the pressure value in case of working before the equipment system sprays in order to avoid the pressure gauge is damaged due to the excessive pressure caused by heated raw material inside the pipe and even the explosion.

Step7. Regulate the pressure value under the electric cabinet to make the pressure at 3-6mpa.

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