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Introduction and Classification of PU foam

- Dec 27, 2018 -

Polyurethane rigid foam is prepared by reacting rigid foam polyether polyol ( polyurethane rigid foam composite polyether is also called white material ) with polymeric MDI ( also called black material ).  It is mainly used for preparing rigid polyurethane foam plastic and is widely used in refrigerator, cold storage, spraying, solar energy, thermal pipeline, building and other fields.

According to its application and field, it is divided into hard foam polyether polyol, wood-like polyether, cyclopentane system hard foam polyether polyol, all-water polyether and flame retardant polyether.  Among them, wood-like polyether is mainly used for wood-like products, all-water polyether is mainly used for all-water pipeline foaming, and flame-retardant polyether is used for preparing products with high flame-retardant requirements.

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