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Introduction of Polyurea Materials

- Jun 22, 2017 -

A class of compounds produced by the reaction of isocyanate components with amino compounds. Isocyanate components can be monomers, polymers, isocyanate derivatives, prepolymer and semi prepolymer. Polyurea is a carbonic acid polyamide, and polycarbonate is the equivalent of exploratory polyester. The urea group has large polarity and can form more hydrogen bonds, so the melting point of polyurea is higher than the corresponding polyamide, and the toughness is also large, which is suitable for textile fiber. Polyurea can be formed by polymerization of two amine with two isocyanate or urea. The Polyurea urea is a representative polyurea polymer. It is prepared by the condensation of the nonylphenol and urea, and the properties are similar to that of polyamide (6) can melt spinning, melting temperature 230, low density (1.066 g/cm 3), with good heat resistance, dyeing and corrosion resistance, fiber tensile strength 0.0441 ~ 0.0539 Newton/denier, elongation rate 23%, suitable for the production of fishing nets and knitwear.

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