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Light Yellow Liquid Dimethyl Toluene Diamine(DETDA)

- Dec 17, 2018 -

Light Yellow Liquid Dimethyl Toluene Diamine(DETDA)

English name:Dimethyl toluene diamine(DETDA)

CAS NO.:68479-98-1

Molecular formula:C11H18N2

Molecular weight:178.28

Appearance:Light yellow/Transparent liquid

Relative density g/cm3 at 25℃:1.022


Main Content:≥99%

Water Content:≤0.1%

Amine value(mg KOH/g):615-635

Packaging and transport:1000KG/IBC barrels,200kg grums


1.Diethyl toluene diamine(DETDA) is equivalent to Ethacure 100 and Lonza DETDA 80.It is a very effective polyurethane elastomer chian extender,and widely used as curing agent of Polyurethane and epoxy resin,epoxy resin anti-oxygen agent,chain extender for casting,coating,RIM,adhesive,industrial oil and lubricant.

2.In addition,it also can be used as an intermediate for organic synthesis. 

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