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Long-term shutdown operation of polyurea spray machine

- Oct 13, 2018 -

1. Bring up the feed extraction pump from the raw material basket, clean up the part with raw material on the external wall of the feed extraction pump by using solvent, and then put the feed extraction pump into the container with clean DOP; open the air valve of the feed extraction pump.

2. Turn on the power switch of the host machine, regulate the hydraulic pressure regulating valve of the host machine and regulate the pressure to 2-3Mpa.

3. Open the raw material valve and spray the defective material in the equipment system into a proper container until the clean solvent comes up.

4.Put the feed extraction pump into the protective liquid container with DOP.

5. Restart equipment to begin spraying until all solvents are cleaned up and the gun sprays out DOP.

6.Shut down according to the step for daily shutdown and seal all feed inlets and discharge holes.

Notes: A feed raw material is easily solidified if placed in atmosphere. Therefore, all feed inlets and discharge holes should be sealed strictly to prevent the air from entering into the pipe and system.

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