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Notes for Polyurea Spray Machine Operation

- Oct 18, 2018 -

1. This machine is high-pressure equipment, which should be operated according to the operational procedures. During the work, the jet orifice should not be directed at any parts of the human body by any means to avoid accidents.

2. The raw material of Polyurea belongs to polymer compound. In case of its friction, the static electricity is easily caused from friction. Therefore, the inflammables and explosives should be kept far away from the job site.

3. The equipment grounding wire should be connected. (PE wire)

4. Before using the equipment, the operator should observe the equipment instructions



5. Do not have any parts of the body placed with the range of jetting, do not direct the orifice to people as game actions and also don’t look into the small ostiole of the mixing chamber of the gun. For the harmful substances are used in the raw material, the operator is suggested to wear mask, glove and goggles.


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