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Notes for use of temperature controller

- Oct 24, 2018 -

1. To avoid damage and invalidation of instrument, the rated working power 380V±10% 50HZ should be adopted.

2. To avoid fire and explosion, it is not allowed to use in the sites with inflammables and explosive gas and discharged vapour.


3. The environmental temperature is required to be 0℃~+50℃. No straight shine in the sun. RH is 45%~85%.

4. Not allowed to directly shake and shock the major structure.

5. Heater control system:

Turn on the general power switch, and then the power indicator lamp is on. At this time, A, B and C circuits could be heated.

A. B circuit (white feed heating) heating:Press white feed heating switch button, and then the white feed heating controller will display the B circuit heating setting area and setting the necessary heating temperature. When the heating temperature has already reached the set heating temperature, the white heating controller will automatically cut off heating circuit and stop heating. In case that the heating temperature is lower than the set heating temperature, the temperature controller will also automatically heat. B circuit’s actual heating display area displays the actual temperature of feed temperature. Namely press SET button to observe.

 B. A circuit (black feed heating) heating and C circuit (pipe heating) heating:The method is alike the heating procedure of white feed.

6. Running times record system of proportioning pump

Speaking of the running times record display screen of proportioning pump, in case of reciprocating motion of the power source hydraulic cylinder of proportioning pump for once, then record is 1. In case of reciprocating motion of hydraulic cylinder for 100 times, then the record figure displayed is 100. The record display screen can be reset manually. The hydraulic cylinder drives A and B feed pumps to work. Therefore, the times of reciprocating work of two pumps are recorded.The system could calculate how much feed is used per day precisely.

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