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Package and Storage of Curing Agent

- Dec 05, 2018 -

Package and Storage of Curing Agent

1. 1,5-naphthalene diisocyanate or naphthyl 1,5 diisocyanate(NDI)

Product package

Standard container: paper drum lined with polyethylene bag, net weight 20kg/barrel.


Note: HARTDUR 115 is very sensitive to moisture. Because all diisocyanates react with water to form insoluble urea derivatives. HARTDUR 115 should be stored in a cool and dry condition. Immediately after use, it should be sealed to avoid failure. Under suitable external conditions, the product is valid for 6 months.

2. 3,3'-dimethyl-biphenyl-4,4'-diisocyanate(TODI)

Product packaging

50 Kgs/Drum(Iron drum lined with polyethylene bags).


Note: HARTDUR118 is sensitive to water vapor.Because all diisocyanates react with water to form urea-free derivatives.HARTDUR 118 should be stored in a cool and dry condition.Do not put it together with food, avoid exposure to temperatures above 30 °C, and immediately seal it after use to avoid failure.The product validity is 6 months under suitable external conditions.

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