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Polyurea expansion

- Jun 22, 2017 -

October 22, 2010, three bright colors, with corrosion-resistant, non-polluting, maintenance-free, and other green concept of the new Polyurea lamp pile, respectively, Fangchenggang 200,000-ton wharf and Chemical Wharf installation completed. This is the first batch of high strength composite materials built in Guangxi light Pile. The new lamp pile diameter 1 meters, the lamp height 15.9 meters, the ground height 6.7 meters, the design life expectancy is above 15 years, the wind resistance ability reaches 50 m/s (14). The construction of the new type Polyurea lamp pile makes the ships in and out of the port more unblocked, more convenient and safer, and also enhances the technology content of the navigation aids in our city. It is understood that the Polyurea lamp pile performance is superior, with sufficient tensile resistance, flexibility, wear resistance, can withstand the full blow of a sledgehammer, even if the pile has a significant expansion and shrinkage cracking, deformation, polyurea material can still fully cover the entire component. Polyurea Lamp pile also has simple structure, light weight, easy to transport installation, good visual effect, stable and reliable, easy to monitor management, low cost, especially suitable for the complex sea conditions, transport difficulties of the island reef, peaks, docks and other places for installation and use.

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