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Precautions for use of polyurea spraying equipment

- Sep 15, 2018 -

    Polyurea is an elastomer produced by the reaction of isocyanate and amino compound. Its basic properties are anticorrosion, waterproof and wear resistance. Anyone who knows the polyurea industry knows the phrase "three parts polyurea, seven parts spraying", so we must do a good job of polyurea spraying.What are the construction equipment for polyurea spraying? What matters do we need to pay attention to when we use them? Now let's learn briefly.

1, polyurea spray should have a smooth material delivery system.

Pumping pump (also known as feed pump) is the most commonly used material delivery system, its role is to supply sufficient raw materials for the main engine. The pump must meet the working characteristics of two-way feeding and output capacity to meet the needs of the main engine. 

2, polyurea spray must have accurate material metering system.

Metering system is usually called the host, mainly by hydraulic or pneumatic drive system, A, B two proportional pumps, temperature control system and other components. A and B materials are pumped out of the pump and then enter the main engine for metering, temperature control and pressurization. They must satisfy the following characteristics: accurate measurement and temperature control of materials, high pressure for uniform mixing and good atomization, easy maintenance and maintenance.

3, polyurea spray should have a uniform material mixing atomization system.

The spray gun is one of the key equipments impinging on the mixed spraying technology. In spraying polyurea elastomer technology, impact mixing, single valve stem, no air atomization, mechanical self-cleaning spraying gun are widely used.

4. Convenient material cleaning system.

At the end of spraying, the pump and main engine generally do not need cleaning, just cleaning the mixed atomization system. A special gun cleaning tank is usually used. The gun can is usually equipped with a pressure regulator and a quick adapter that allows the cleaner to clean the material hole of the spray gun or the mixing head under pressure and remove the remaining material before the spray gun is stored.


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