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Spraying PU Foam Polyurethane Insulation

- Jan 02, 2019 -

Spraying PU Foam Polyurethane Insulation

The pneumatic high-pressure polyurethane on-site spraying machine is designed according to the characteristics of polyurethane rigid foam foaming, combined with the actual conditions of on-site construction. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, uniform mixing, convenient movement and high cost performance. The open design facilitates equipment maintenance and maintenance and is the preferred equipment for polyurethane on-site spray casting construction.

Air motor

The two-way working air motor adopts the latest pneumatic reversing mode. Compared with the electric reversing motor, it is more stable, durable and has a low failure rate, which is more suitable for complex on-site spraying construction.

Heating system

The proportional pump is made of stainless steel to minimize wear and wear and extend service life. A and B proportional pumps are equipped with oil cups, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by the crystallization of raw materials.

Pipe heating system

The two-way independent heating pipe adopts the most advanced packaged internal heating. This technology is an innovative application in the industry and is patented. Compared with the traditional winding heating system, it has obvious advantages to ensure that the material maintains the optimum temperature and viscosity before the mixing of the tip, and the best mixing effect is always achieved.

Spray Foam Machine

Main Technical Data



Maximum temperature of fluid


Maximum output amount


Maximum output working pressure


Heating power

8kw(or 14kw)

Maximum length of hose


Power parameters


Mode of driving




Standard: one main engine, two feed pumps, one spray gun, one set of 15 meters insulating pipe

Applications:polyurethane wall,roof,cold storage,tank,pipe insulation,sound insulation of car,integration of hulls and so on.


Packed in a wooden case,then packed with a pallet.

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