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- Dec 01, 2018 -


NH2CH (CH3)CH2 [OCH2CH(CH3)]X NH2         X=33.1


Huate D-2000 polyetheramine is a member of a family of polyamines having repeat oxypropylene units in the backbone. It is a difunctional primary amine with an average molecular weight of about 2000. Its amine groups are located on secondary carbon atoms at the ends of an aliphatic polyether chain. It is light in color and low in viscosity. Its vapor pressure is extremely low. Huate D-2000 polyetheramine is completely miscible in a wide variety of solvents. It is, however, only slightly soluble in water.

Physical properties: 

Appearance:                Colorless to pale yellow with slight haze

Color,Pt-Co:                50

Primary amine,%of total amine: 97

Total amine,m mol/g:         0.95-1.05

Water(%):                  0.25


Huate D-2000 polyetheramine undergoes reactions typical primary amines. Because of its unique structure, it has found wide use in polyurethane and polyurea applications due to its fast reacting nature with isocyanates. In addition, it has found application and in conjunction with other Huate polyamines, Huate D-2000 formulated systems exhibit enhanced peel strengths.

An intriguing application for Huate D-2000 polyoxypropylene diamine is in epoxy systems for metal priming via cathodic electrodeposition.

Package, transportation and storage:

1) 200k/barrel with nitrogen

2) Storage: one year in shadow

3) Transportation: common chemicals

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