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Technical characteristics of Polyurea

- Jun 22, 2017 -

1. No catalyst, fast curing, can be on any surface, bevel and vertical surface spraying molding, no flow phenomenon, 5 seconds gel, 1 minutes to reach the walking strength. 2. Not sensitive to moisture, humidity, the construction is not affected by ambient temperature, moisture Shan two components, 100% solid content, environmentally friendly; Shan a construction to meet the thickness requirements, to overcome the shortcomings of the past multi-layer construction. 5. Excellent physical properties, such as tensile strength, flexibility, anti-aging, resistance to media, wear resistance and so on. 6. With good thermal stability, can be used under 150 Shan for a long time, can withstand 350 Shan short heat impact 7. Can add a variety of pigments, fillers, made of different colors of the products. 8. The formulation system can be adjusted arbitrarily, feel from soft rubber (Shao A30) to hard elastomer (Shao D65). 9. The use of complete sets of spraying, pouring equipment, construction convenient, high efficiency.

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