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The Application of DETDA

- Sep 28, 2018 -

Dimethyl toluene diamine (DETDA) CAS NO.68479-98-1

1.English name:Dimethyl toluene diamine

2.Nickname:Ethancure 100

3.CAS NO.:68479-98-1

4.EINECS NO.:270-877-4

DETDA E-100 .jpg

Uses and applications

DETDA is a very effective polyurethane elastomer chain expansion agent, especially for the RIM (reaction injection molding) and SPUA (spray polyurea elastomer); also can be used as polyurethane elastomer and epoxy resin aromatic diamine curing agent, used for casting, coating, RIM and adhesive, but also is a polyurethane and polyurea elastomer chain extension agent.

DETDA is a type of aromatic diamine, ethyl and methyl groups, which makes the activity of is much lower than that of TDA. The reaction rate with polyurethane prepolymer several times faster than DMTDA, about 30 times faster than MOCA. Mainly used in RIM polyurethane system and spray polyurethane (polyurea) elastomer coating system, with a fast reaction rate, short release time, high initial strength, product resistance to hydrolysis, heat and so on. In addition to the product can also be used as elastomer, lubricants and industrial oil antioxidant, and chemical intermediates.


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