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The role of Grease

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Lubricating grease is mainly lubricated, protected and sealed. Most greases are used for lubrication, called antifriction Grease. Antifriction grease mainly reduces mechanical friction and prevents mechanical wear. At the same time also to prevent the protection of metal corrosion, and sealing dust-proof effect. Some grease is mainly used to prevent metal rust or corrosion, known as the protection of Grease. For example, there are a few greases, such as industrial Vaseline, that are designed for sealing, called sealed greases, such as thread grease. Greases are mostly semisolid substances with unique fluidity. The working principle of grease is that the thickener will keep the oil in the position where it needs lubrication, and when it is loaded, the thickener will release the oil, thus playing a lubricating role. At room temperature and stationary state it is like a solid, can maintain its own shape without flowing, can adhere to the metal without slipping. It can flow like a liquid when it is at high temperature or subjected to an external force exceeding a certain limit. When the lubricating grease is subjected to the shearing action of the moving parts in the machine, it can produce flow and lubricate, and reduce the friction and wear between the moving surfaces. When the shear action is stopped, it can restore a certain consistency, the special fluidity of grease, it is decided that it can not be suitable for lubricating oil parts. In addition, since it is a semisolid substance, its sealing effect and protective effect are better than that of lubricating oil.

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