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The selection method of lubricating Grease

- Jun 22, 2017 -

In the intensified medium environment, the synthetic oil lubricating greases such as Fluorocarbon greases should be selected. (1) The selected grease should be compatible with the feeding method of the friction pair: in the case of concentrated supply of grease, the 000 number should be selected, grease for regular use of grease gun, grease cup, etc., should choose $number Number of grease, for long-term use without changing the fat parts, should choose No. 2nd or No. 3rd grease. (2) The selected grease should be compatible with the working state of the friction pair: If the vibration is large, the application of high viscosity, adhesion and vibration-damping of good lipid, such as high viscosity ring alkyl or mixed base lubricating oil thickening compound soap base grease. (3) The selected lubricating grease shall be adapted to the purpose of its use: the grease for lubrication shall be selected according to the type of friction pair, working condition, work condition, environmental condition and the way of feeding. For the protection of grease, should be able to effectively protect metal from corrosion, such as the protection of contact with seawater water parts, should choose to adhere to strong, water resistance to the aluminum base grease; The general protective grease can be used to thicken the grease made of high viscosity base oil using solid hydrocarbon. For the sealing grease, should pay attention to its resistance to the performance of the sealed medium solvent.

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