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What are the advantages of mechanical grease disposal and grease annette?

- Aug 15, 2017 -

    Compared with grease annette with comparable viscosity, greases have higher load carrying capacity and better damping capacity.Due to the absorption of the thickener structure, the grease has a lower evaporation rate. Therefore, in the absence of grease lubrication, especially in high temperature and long cycle operation, the grease has better characteristics.Grease can form a certain sealing effect of the fat ring, to prevent the invasion of solid or fluid contaminants, mechanical grease worker usually use the mechanial grease on grease band in humid and dusty environments,best mechanical grease in the start after the shutdown can still maintain a satisfactory lubrication.


    The grease can be firmly adhered to the surface to be lubricated, even if it is not even lost on the inclined or even vertical surface. In the external force, it produces deformation, can flow like oil; once removed from the external force, it returned to the original state, stop the flow. Therefore, the grease can work in open or sealed bad friction parts.

    Mechanical grease disposal with factory price,if you need the mechanical grease,please contact us online or send a inquiry to us.

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