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What is the reason for the construction of polyurea

- May 11, 2018 -

1, epoxy floor paint will release these smells when water is released? Answer: normal construction and dry through will not. If they do not work, they will volatilize directly, which is not much related to the lack of water. Or some water-soluble substances are dissolved by water, but such substances are usually alcohols or volatile alcohols.

2. What are the main ingredients of these odors? Answer: all kinds of organic volatiles may be one or more of the following: amines, epoxy diluents, organic hydrocarbons, aromatic, esters, alcohols, alcohols, active diluents (various kinds of acrylates, very unpleasant) and so on.

3, what is the impact on the human body? Answer: light is dizziness and nausea. If there is long-term exposure, there will be cancer risk. The permitted concentration of each organic volatile in the air has national standard, which can be checked.

4. How to detect its concentration? Answer: look for the quality inspection bureau.

5. Is the release of odor related to construction technology or quality of floor paint? Answer: all of them have. There is a sentence called: three points paint seven points construction. The influence of the construction is very large.


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