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6 Advantages Of Epoxy Resin Adhesive

- Jun 22, 2017 -

(1) Epoxy resin contains a variety of polar groups and active epoxy radical, thus, with metal, glass, cement, wood, plastic and other polar materials, especially the surface of high activity of the material has a strong adhesion, at the same time epoxy curing polymer cohesion strength is very large, so the bonding strength is very high. (2) The epoxy resin curing basically has no low molecular volatile matter to produce. The plastic layer shrinkage rate is small, about 1% 2%, is one of the smallest curing shrinkage in thermosetting resins. Add filler to below 0.2%. The coefficient of epoxy curing materials is also very small. (3) Epoxy resin, curing agent and modifier variety, can be a reasonable and ingenious formula design, so that the adhesive has the required process (such as fast curing, room temperature curing, low-temperature curing, water curing, low viscosity, high viscosity, etc., and has the required performance (such as high temperature resistance, low temperature, high-strength, high flexibility, anti-aging, conductive, magnetic conduction, thermal conductivity, etc.). (4) with a variety of organic compounds (monomer, resin, rubber) and inorganic (such as fillers, etc.) has a good compatibility and reactivity, easy to copolymerization, crosslinking, blending, filling and other modification, in order to improve the performance of the adhesive layer. (5) Corrosion resistance and dielectric properties are good. Ability to acid, alkali, salt, solvents and other media corrosion. Volume resistivity 1013 1016, dielectric strength 16 35kv Mm. (6) General-purpose epoxy resin, curing agents and additives of the origin of many, large production, easy to prepare, can contact pressure molding, can be large-scale application.

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