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Advantages Of Spraying Polyurea Materials

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Spraying Polyurea material is a new type of solvent-free, pollution-less green construction technology developed in order to meet the needs of environmental protection after a high solid coating, waterborne coating, radiation curable coating, powder coating and other low (no) pollution coating technology in recent 10 years. Spraying Polyurea material is called liquid waterproofing membrane abroad. Compared with the traditional waterproof material has the following advantages: 1, 100% with the scene, no volatile organic matter, in line with environmental requirements; 2, without catalysts, fast curing, can be on the surface, bevel and vertical surface spraying molding, do not produce flow hanging phenomenon, for bump, the corner, the corner has the very strong retention; 3, fast but controllable assimilation speed to ensure that the T-Path can be quickly put into use: 4, moisture, humidity is not sensitive, construction is not affected by environmental humidity, temperature; 5, can be sprayed or poured, The thickness of a construction can be from hundreds of microns to several centimeters, overcoming many inconvenience in the past construction, shortening the construction period, 6, excellent physical properties, such as tensile strength, tearing strength, elongation, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, crack resistance, non-slip and so on. High elongation makes it have strong crack-healing ability, and the protection of concrete cracking is excellent.

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