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Aonuo Participated In QDG Training Of Polyurea Technology

- Oct 26, 2017 -

    Aonuo employees participated in the training courses of China polyurea industry leaders from 21 to 22 this month.In order to improve our professional technology and provide more comprehensive services for our customers, we will go to the domestic leading enterprise or technical training center for further study after a period of time.The teacher of this training is the leader of the polyurea industry. We also took a group photo at the previous exhibition, which has guided us a lot of good things.Let's introduce Mr. Huang weibo in detail.


Huang has been awarded the honorary titles as following:

1.The national science and technology advanced workers of the Ministry of Chemical Industry in 1994;

2.Excellent young intellectuals of Shandong Province in 1998;

3.1999 Qingdao Top Ten Excellent Science and Technology Youth by Qingdao Municipal Government

4.2000 Professional Elite of Talents by Qingdao Municipal Government

5.Middle-aged and Young Expert with National Outstanding Contributions in 2002.

6.Outstanding Expert of China Paint & Coatings Industry in 2009.

    During the construction of polyurea, the teacher put forward some points of attention.Let's make a summary and share it:

1. The construction temperature cannot be excessive, must guarantee the material temperature above 25 ℃.

2. The contaminated materials cannot be used, which will affect the construction quality. The materials should be fully stirred when used.

3. Read the instructions carefully before construction, and use the specified spraying equipment. After construction, please maintain well.

4. Before construction, we should understand the situation of the site and make corresponding construction plan.

    Polyurea floor is a kind of green environmental protection product, the film has the compact effect, the aging resistance. Mechanization construction, can a large design effect. Do not use the finished paint in the construction of the paint to be sealed well, so as not to affect the next construction.


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