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Application Of Polyurea Technology In Industrial Painting Industry

- May 24, 2018 -

    Pure polyurea is an advanced, high-performance, rapid gel and sprayed elastomer. It is developed from the amino acid polyurea resin, the amino chain extender and the isocyanate prepolymer. It has the characteristics of hydrophobicity (moisture does not affect its curing) and autocatalytic. It has excellent physical properties (high impact resistance, high tensile strength, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and waterproof property, high elongation - up to 900%), and has its own strength which is not dependent on the base material. Therefore, the polyurea itself is a kind of film / lining.

     Polyurea technology is used in any place where industrial coatings are needed, such as roofing, concrete and steel structure anticorrosion, pipeline, basic and two times anticorrosion, floor, pond lining (seamless lining) and so on. The pretreatment is determined by the use state of polyurea coating, which is the same as that of other industrial coatings. Standard industrial surface pretreatment: sandblasting, mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and water washing (the same applies to polyurea).

     Polyurea almost can be bonded to all surfaces, but priming can enhance adhesion and form a closed substrate surface on (concrete) surfaces.

    The construction temperature range of polyurea material is -40 C ~150 C, and it will not soften due to low temperature and brittle or high temperature.

    The conventional polyurea products are not flame retardant; the newly developed flame retardant polyurea can be fireproof, and the fireproof grade is GB/T2408-1996 V0~V1 grade.

    Polyurea materials can be used as the two container for the containers, chemical and petrochemical industries when used as lining. It has 100% solid content and no volatile matter (VOC). It is suitable for enclosed space applications and food grade applications, and the finished materials are still environmentally friendly.

    Polyurea spraying requires the construction of high temperature, high pressure and impact mixing equipment. Sunlight exposure has an effect on polyurea, but there are corresponding products that can alleviate this effect. The maximum service life of polyurea is 50 years. It is widely used in the fields of skin protection, anticorrosion engineering, protection engineering, food engineering, sports engineering and waterproof engineering.


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