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Chain Expansion Agent DETDA

- Dec 03, 2018 -

DETDA,light yellow to amber transparent liquid,is a very effective polyurethane elastomer chain expansion agent, especially for the RIM (reaction injection molding) and SPUA (spray polyurea elastomer); also can be used as polyurethane elastomer and epoxy resin aromatic diamine curing agent, used for casting, coating, RIM and adhesive, but also is a polyurethane and polyurea elastomer chain extension agent. 

Usually it is packed with 1000KG/IBC barrels and 200kg drums.For 1000 KG/IBC barrel,18 tons can be loaded in a 20'ft full container and for 200 kg drums,16 tons can be loaded in a 20'ft full container.

For storage,it should be stacked in a cool/ dry/ ventilated place, keep away from heat/ fire, to prevent the direct sunlight, to avoid high temperature, do not sharp object collision damage.

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