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Congratulations! AONUO Making Significant Progress In Polyurea Exporting To Vietnam

- Aug 10, 2017 -

After trial order of one polyurea spray machine HP-3000 and two tons of polyurea waterproof coating, our Vietnamese customers has placed an order of one polyurea spray machine and 13.6 tons of polyurea.Congratulations,we have been making significant progress in polyurea exporting to Vietnam.

With the foundation of Dongying Aonuo International Trade Co.,Ltd. which is our international department,we can export polyurea on our own.We have got contact with this customer since August,2016 and the customers are very interested in our polyurea waterproof coating.Then they come to our factory for a visit in late September,2016.


Impressed by our profession in both polyurea coatings and polyurea spray machine,our customers has placed the trial order in October,2016 and after many tests on our products,he placed the following big order in January,2017 which will be applied as water theme park waterproof coating.

Right now our customers aim to expand the polyurea market in Vietnam and we both glad to introduce polyurea coatings to more and more people.  

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