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Corrosion-resistant Polyurea Coating For Speaker Box Usage

- Jan 11, 2019 -

HT-301A super-long durable decorative material for sound boxes,is the high end decorative material. It is super-long durable,waterproofing, abrasion resistant and appilcable to sound boxes in various hash environments for over 50 years.Suface granulation,noble and elegant, color optional and desired visual effect. Rapid spraying with special equipment can increase the coating effeciency.It can be applied to the surface of various sound boxes, especially to suface coating,lining,wear resistant layer, decoration layer and protective layer of large outdoor sound and sound with special surface effect. 


Super-long durable,suface granulation,noble and elegant,color optional,desired visual effect

Excellent waterproof, abrasion resistant, good weather ablility, no chalking,no fading

Fast cure, short down time,no sagging

Excellent Physiochemical Properties, Bondable and paintable to various kinds of substrates

Ambient insensitive, good thermal stability

100% Solids, No VOC`s,Odorless,No Toxic Vapors

Anti-corrosion,Skidding resistance,Impermeable,Abrasion resistant

Corrosion-resistant Polyurea Coating For Speaker Box Usage

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