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Crosslinking Agent Used In The Process

- Sep 15, 2017 -

Microwave technology: the basic principle we are more familiar, but it is worth remembering that the composition of the daily use of hydrocarbon materials can not be used for microwave heating. Let us use polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, natural rubber and polyisoprene, SBR, EPDM, butyl rubber, polybutadiene and other examples, in order to be able to apply this technology, there are It is necessary to add a considerable amount (weight ratio of 10% -50%) microwave heating material, for example:

    1. Carbon black  2. Metal powder (beware of danger of combustion)  3. Surface-treated silica  4. Strong magnetic and ferromagnetic powder  5. Titanium and lead titanates and zirconates  6.Highly polarized Organic esters, phthalates and carboxylic acid esters  7.Polyoxyethylene alcohols and related ethers and esters  8. Amines


    Another method is to use a small amount of catalyst (0.2 to 1%). Some experts have described the use of reactive catalysts to increase the rate of chemical reactions (including more than four times) including cross-linking. These catalysts produce microwave-sensitive intermediates under microwave conditions, but are inert to heat in the absence of microwave conditions. Examples of applications are epoxy resins cured by amines, anhydrides and carboxylic acid curing agents; silicone elastomers, cross-linking of epoxidized rubbers; sulfur vulcanization of unsaturated rubbers; peroxide vulcanization; unsaturated polyester resins, Allyl carbonate and allyl phthalate resin, and the like.

    By contrast, other polymers such as polyoxymethylene, plasticized polyvinyl chloride, chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber, acrylic (rubber), etc. can be directly processed by microwave.

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