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- Dec 07, 2018 -

We will get our REACH CERTIFICATE for Dimethyl Toluene Diamine(DETDA) at the end of December.

As far as we know,it is required to have the REACH certificate for DETDA imported to Europe and it needs 6--12 months to get this certificate.

The honored director of our company determines to apply this certificate from the very beginning of year 2018 and we offered samples as the authority required.In July,we get the SGS test report approved and then offer sample to shipping abroad for test,then.

Now we are just noticed that we will get the REACH original in the end of this month.It means that we can export to Europe DETDA now.

Dear Europe customers,welcome to inquire our DETDA curing agent.We will offer you the best quality DETDA and best service.Thanks.

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