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Differences Between Polyurea And Polyurea

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Polyurea and polyurethane is very different, although from some point of view, Polyurea has been included in the polyurethane category, but from their molecular construction, there are still a lot of different, and polyurea coating than polyurethane coating more superior performance, is it possible to replace polyurethane paint? The answer, of course, is no. First, there is a big difference between the structure of polyurethane and polyurea, although it also contains isocyanate components, but polyurethane is composed of isocyanate and hydroxyl, and Polyurea is composed of isocyanate and amino, which determines that the two have certain difference in application performance. Second, in the paint spraying industry, polyurea and polyurethane can be applied spraying technology, however, the biggest feature of Polyurea is its curing degree is fast, most of the use in wear-resistant coatings, in addition, because Polyurea is still in the high-end application field, so the national market, the price is high, the dosage is less, according to experts, the national Polyurea coating dosage only for $number thousand tons. In addition, the experts also mentioned in the interview, Polyurea coating does not contain organic solvents, environmental performance is its superior to polyurethane coating of the major advantages. In fact, Polyurea coating and polyurethane paint belong to two different categories of products, although there is a certain degree of overlap, but there is no substitute and no replacement of the problem.

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