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Discussion On Application Field Of Polyurea Coating

- Jun 22, 2017 -

1, chemical anti-corrosion: Petroleum, chemical storage tanks and ancillary facilities, resin wall, workshop floor, pickling trough, electroplating trough, ship deck and cabin floor, offshore drilling platform, Sea Bridge. 2, Pipeline anti-corrosion: Ball Mill cast iron pipe, overhead pipe and straight buried pipe, municipal sewage pipe, thermal pipeline, oil pipeline, gas pipeline anti-corrosion. 3, Waterproof Engineering: Building roofing, cold storage, industrial plants, warehouses, reservoirs, railways, tunnels, dams, bridges, underground works, Water conservancy and so on. 4, the mine wear-resisting: vibrating screen, spiral assembly, silt separator, vibration grinding, concentrator, cyclone separator slurry conveying equipment and Picane mill lining. 5, protective lining: swimming pool, aquarium, cooling water tower, wastewater treatment Pond, sewage treatment pond, water storage tank, storage liquor jar. 6, Sports Engineering: Sports stands and advanced venues such as tennis courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, table-top tables, run to the surface protection and so on. 7. Industrial flooring: Chemical plant, petrochemical plant, cigarette factory, brewery, pharmaceutical factory, GMP workshop, hotel, food and beverage factory, grain warehouse. 8, buoyant materials: hand-held marine fender, dock fender, duckweed, navigation aids, water buoys and so on. It can be seen that the scope of the use of Polyurea paint is quite wide, the above-mentioned application of the industry has a good majority of prospects, and its own environmental characteristics in line with our social development, therefore, its demand will continue to increase, the future development will become better.

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