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Polyurea Paving Coatings

- Jan 18, 2019 -

The coating system consists of amine-terminated polyether resin,  amine chain extender and MDI prepolymer, functional filler is added, and the product belongs to spraying, self-cured and thick coated polyurea. It is used together with ground coat paint and facing coating to form a firm, tough and decorative ground protection system.

Coating Property

Solid Content


Viscosity (25)


Density (25)

A: 1.080-1.160 g/cm3 
R: 1.030-1.100 g/cm3

Theoretical Coating Amount (Dry Film: 1mm Thickness)


Volume Mixing Ratio

A:R = 1:1

Shelf Life

1 year

Curing Characteristics

Gelation Time

30-50 seconds

Touch Drying Time

90-120 seconds

Curing Time

24 hours

Maximum Strength

7 days

Coating Property*

Tensile Strength






Tearing Strength




Impact Strength


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