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Enchanced Additives For Pu Foam

- Jan 21, 2019 -

1. Product introduction

LCN-403A is a high viscosity, 1,2-Ethanediamine initiated polyether polyol with functionality around 4.0. It is designed for the production of rigid polyurethane foam in most applications, such as spray insulation.It has high activity that can decrease the amount of catalysts in System

Polyol .The foam has good properties such as good foam stability.

2. Quality specification




Test standard

OHv [mgKOH/g]


GB/T 12008.3-2009

Water content [%]

max. 0.15

GB/T 22313-2008

Viscosity (25°C)



GB/T 12008.7-2010



GB/T 12008.2-2010

Color [Gardener]

max. 5

GB/T 22295-2008

3. Package

200KG/steel drum1000KG/IBC20tons/isotank or as requested.

4. Storage

Should be stored in a well-ventilated dry, cool area. Suggest stored in indoor places, store temprature 15~20.

Storage stability (ex works): 6 months if stored in moisture-tight drums under suitable condition.

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