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High Wear Resistant Polyurea Protective Coating Sprayed On SUV(Sports Utility Vehicle) Car Pedals

- Jul 28, 2018 -

LC-1158 High Wear Resistant Polyurea Protective Coating Sprayed on SUV(Sports Utility Vehicle) Car Pedals is the state of the art 100% solids,nonflexible,spray-applied,two components,fast set and aromatic pure polyurea elastomer.The system consists of A component,a quasi-prepolymer rich of free NCO,and B component,a minture of polyetheramines,amine extenders and other additives.


Before the car pedals,LC-1158 High Wear Resistant Polyurea Protective Coating has been widely sprayed as automobile coating and bed lining like trucks,pick-ups,contaners etc. as followed:


With the development of economy,more and more vehicles will apply polyurea as SUV car pedals wear resistant coating.Thanks for our custmers' visit in our factory,it helps us to find a new application for our LC-1158 High Wear Resistant Polyurea Protective Coating.


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