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How Do You Fix Polyurea

- Jun 22, 2017 -

The best way to repair Polyurea is to use Polyurea to repair Polyurea, which ensures that the physical and mechanical properties and chemical properties of the patch area are consistent with the original coating. Why fix Polyurea coating? The installation of equipment, maintenance, mechanical damage caused by the construction process and improper use of equipment and many other factors make it necessary to repair polyurea coating. In most cases, patch area is relatively small, on-site use of large polyurea spraying equipment to do the repair work is too wasteful, the construction staff often use the room temperature curing polyurethane repair material, but because of its and polyurea in physical and mechanical properties and chemical characteristics of the significant differences, the use of room temperature curing polyurethane There is a certain risk. A two-tube spray gun with a static mixing tube is provided by the supplier, and the mixing pipe outlet nozzle and compressed air (pressure 0.3MPa) can be sprayed. The matching Polyurea products need to meet the following characteristics: Gel time reached 120s, low viscosity, no sedimentation of polyurea components. Before using this kind of repair equipment, need to first in the workshop in advance to reduce viscosity and ensure rapid curing, and then with the insulation box to the construction site for spraying operation.

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