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How To Use The Curing Agent

- Mar 06, 2018 -

1.Consideration of the variety and properties of the curing agent

The curing agent curing varieties on mechanical properties, heat resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance have a great impact, such as heat resistance epoxy resin cured with aromatic amines, imidazole, anhydride curing agent is higher than that of aliphatic polyamine, low molecular polyamide curing agent; water resistance is better than that of two aromatic amines and aliphatic polyamine curing agent aromatic anhydride curing epoxy resin; Sanya alkali ethyl amine curing agent four is good, but the acid resistance and Formaldehyde Solution. Alicyclic polyamine (e.g. isophorone two amine) resistance epoxy resin is excellent. The alkali resistance of the epoxy resin cured by the acid anhydride curing agent is better than the acid resistance. Appropriate curing agents should be selected according to different uses and performance requirements.

2.Combined use of several curing agents

The combination of several curing agents can achieve the same result. For example, low molecular polyamide curing agent and a small amount of two benzene curing agent can solidify at room temperature, and increase the toughness of cured products, and at the same time, improve heat resistance appropriately. Trimellitic anhydride (three TMA) and MTHPA compound use, eutectic mixture of low viscosity (25 DEG, 200 ~ 250mPa / s), and epoxy resin mixed with each other, improve the technology.

3.Pay attention to the environmental protection of curing agent

The curing agent is no harm to the human body and no pollution to the environment. The ethylenediamine can not be used as a curing agent alone, and the modified amine curing agent is used as much as possible.


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