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Introduction Of Modified Epoxy Hardener

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Study on latent curing agent of epoxy resin usually through physical and chemical methods, the solidification activity of low-temperature hardening agent is improved, the first is to adopt the following two methods: First, the reaction activity of some curing agents with high reactivity and poor storage stability is closed and deactivated; second, the reaction activity of the solidified agent with good storage stability and low reactivity is improved and aroused. After all, to make the curing agent at room temperature to participate in the epoxy resin has a certain storage stability, and in the use of light, heat and other external conditions will be the reaction of the curing agent release, and then arrive to make the epoxy resin agile curing intention. This article summarizes the research progress of the latent curing agent of epoxy resin at home and abroad.

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