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Is The Polyurea Coating Environmentally Friendly?

- May 11, 2018 -

     Polyurea is nontoxic. Polyurea materials do not use solvents in production, construction and use. They are free from toxic and harmful substances and are conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, compared with the existing high-grade waterproof materials, SPUA polyurea elastomers are more reliable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

     Many people have doubts about the smell of polyurea. Is it true that the taste of polyurea is not stimulating? High quality polyurea manufacturers for you to answer. Polyurea 100% solid content, does not add any thinner, does not contain heavy metals and volatile gas, is environmentally friendly material, pure polyurea is no smell.

   With regard to the pungent smell of polyurea in use, we have summarized the following reasons:

1.The mixture of A and B did not mix according to the specifications, resulting in non drying (permanent), or the mixture of A+B components was not uniform enough to cause partial areas to be dry. Or more all kinds of unqualified construction.

2. time is not enough, not fully solidified. Or not well ventilated after the closed curing.

3. the surface and wall decoration order was reversed. Generally speaking, the ground is made first, then dry and then brushed, so that the latex paint on the wall will not adsorb organic volatiles and release them again. If you brush the walls first, you will easily absorb these substances and release them later. is not epoxy floor paint, is polyurethane, these are another matter.


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