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Large Machinery Indispensable Grease

- Sep 05, 2017 -

    Colorful, lubricating protection of various types of mechanical parts, to extend the service life of the machine use grease.

    Base oil is added to the semi-solid mechanical parts lubricants made of thickeners and lubricating additives. Grease commonly known as butter, butter, because the grease is semi-solid greasy material and most of the different shades of yellow ~ milky white, and ordinary people see the cream, butter like, hence the name.

    Grease is a thickener to absorb the liquid base oil, heating to the point above will melt, after cooling can not be restored semi-solid, because the drop point is the permanent failure temperature of thickeners.In addition to the yellow grease, depending on the use of different, we also increased the color of the different machines used in different colors of grease we also provide.


   On the filling, we are all mechanical filling, to ensure that each barrel has reached a unified standard, the use of plastic drum filling easy to transport.If you are interested in our machine grease,please contact us by our network.

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